Trucker Talk – Gettin’ on down the Road


John’s cab and moi

Needless to say, when drivers ‘get on down the road’ they get rather creative with common lingo for things on the highways. For example, most of us know those things we call mile -markers. Well, truckers call them Yard Sticks. And the white dashes in the middle of the road i are called the Zipper. You’ve heard of the Granny Lane or the far right lane for the slow traffic. If you think this ‘lingo stops here….wrong. And truckers make it far more interesting. Follow along….

  • Hammer Lane – the fast right lane
  • Hole in the Wall – a tunnel
  • Loop –  bypass around a major city
  • Clover leaf –  intersection between two highways
  • Gator  – retread tire blown off the the tires. I learned these can do some reallll damage to cars if ran over.
  • Backside –  return trip
  • Big Slab  or Big Road or Boulevard – the Interstate
  • Cash Register  or Cash –  Toll Booth
  • Comedian Center –   Media Strip
  • Destruction –  Road Construction
  • Wally World –  Walmart
  • Stop and Rob –  Convenience Story
  • Double Nickel –  55 miles an hour
  • Flip Flop –  U turn or return trip
  • Home 20 –  Home town
  • Left Coast –  West Coast
  • Dirty Coast – East Coast
  • Motion Lotion  – Fuel
  • Pickle Park –  Rest Stop
  • Bambi –  Deer dead or alive
  • Pole Cat – Skunk
  • Back Door    Something behind you
  • Black Eye  – Headlight out

Stay tuned for more ‘trucker lingo.’  And if any drivers out there want to add something…Please do. It’s fun. We’d love to hear from you.



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