I can’t believe it. It’s almost here



I can’t believe it. So much is coming together for my first book 18 – Wheeler and I am so excited. So I thought maybe you would like to know how this mature contemporary romance set on a semi trailer truck came to be.


I had written another story Blackberry Jam where Carrie  Marshall is the  office secretary  and this is where she started in this literary world. Then somehow the scene  of Carrie trying to climb into a cab came to me. (Many characters arrive this way…Surprise!  I’m here) What prompted this, I do not have a clue,. But, when Carrie is climbing inside the cab, I grin just thinking of the driver, John Franklin, stopping her fall with his two hands planted firmly on her butt and heaving her inside.  I had to learn more about just who John and Carrie were.


Is love sweeter the second time around?

This old cliche made me wonder.

And then the what-if’s exploded. What if John was a widower and Carrie a new widow. What if her car broke down somewhere j out there alone, abandoned, and a trucker/John stopped to help her.?And what if  they fell in love and had to face their past lives and past loves? What if their families didn’t approve?  Needless to say, could all this happen inside an 18 Wheeler?

Now I can write a great love story true, but on a semi-trailer truck? That’s when the story  just slid off that slippery road real fast and got stuck in that literary mud.

My daddy always said that truckers were the princes of the road.


And one  of these princes was mine. Spike, our truck driving nephew. Fortunately he spent a week with us and hauled my story 18 Wheeler right out of that mud.  I started telling him my ideas and about Carrie and John, and he immediately went to fixin. ‘  Now, Carrie’s car breaks down on the Salt Flats.  And Yes you can live in a  truck cab for days during a snow storm. Oh the details he shared!! And then Spike took me out to Peterbilt and I climbed into my first 18-Wheeler. This day ended with  my first ride  in his truck. It was unbelievable.  He  shared so much with  me that made this story came to life. And he’s in the story as well. How could he not be? I can begin to tell you how much fun writing this and learning trucker talk as been, even down to the help of my Facebook friends who shared their favorite places in the US.

Who doesn’t hate cancer

I so wanted Spike to be here when our book came out. But that wasn’t in the cards. Spike developed liver cancer and died. recently So while he is driving for God over the golden streets. Thus, I’m dedicating my book to him and giving a portion of all sales to Stand UP to Cancer   in hopes no one else must suffer such a loss. I also am donating a portion to TAT-Truckers against Trafficking, trucker drivers who report sexual traffickers and help bring our children homeTogether  we can help save lives and  help destroy cancer. Please share

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