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Hi there. Glad you could stop by for a visit to see what the latest is going on in my world. I have to admit. It's crazy. But I love it that way. You see my latest craze is this amazing world of trucking. Did you know practically everything in your house or car came by truck?  Even if your are crafty and made it yourself...odds are you bought some of the supplies at a store that got its merchandise from the back of a delivery truck.

I had two characters visit some years back. Carrie and John. Their story of how this widow and widower met enchanted me. So I wrote their story for you. I do hope you enjoy it.

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John and Carrie learn just how unpredictable life can be on an 18-wheeler.

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  Needless to say, when drivers ‘get on down the road’ they get rather creative with common lingo for things on the highways. For example, most of us know those things we call mile -markers. Well, truckers call them Yard Sticks. And the white dashes in the middle of the road i[...]

I can’t believe it. It’s almost here

  I can’t believe it. So much is coming together for my first book 18 – Wheeler and I am so excited. So I thought maybe you would like to know how this mature contemporary romance set on a semi trailer truck came to be. I had written another story Blackberry Jam where Carrie [...]

Truckers’ Lives

demands kids family vacations[...]

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